1534303_10203127774065340_1892649114_nHello, I’m Jason Price and I’m so happy you decided to visit my website. I have many roles in life, but my favorite is husband to my lovely wife and father to my two children. We have a lot of fun together living in Southern California. We play outside a lot and enjoy taking trips to the Orange County beaches every chance we get!

We haven’t always lived in California. My wife and I have been married for over 12 years and have always loved visiting the beach for vacation. We shared a coastal living dream before we got married and finally decided to do something about it. We spent a year planning and praying and finally made the move to sunny SoCal. Our only regret is that we wished we’d done it 10 years ago!

I work as an IT professional and lead technology projects. I’ve been doing that for over 15 years and really enjoy helping deliver solutions for our customers and supporting our team to be successful in what they do. If you know anything about technology projects, they come with their share of challenges, but that’s what makes the job so interesting!  You can learn more about my IT work by visiting me on LinkedIn.

I’m also a freelance personal finance blogger. I mostly enjoy writing about personal finance topics related to lifestyle, kids, software and biblical stewardship. Blogging has been a great way for me to learn more about personal finance but to also share ideas with others in what is certainly a challenging area of life.  Be sure to check out my writing portfolio or you can learn more about the blogging freelance services I offer here.

Finally, I’m always working on some sort of project on the web, or at least thinking about one. You can learn more about that work here or simply follow my blog here at jasonprice.me.

Thanks again for stopping by. Drop me a line or send me a message on Twitter, my preferred social network!  Hope to hear from you!

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