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AVA Bottle

What I set out to solve

  • A water bottle for people with arthritis.

  • Arthritis affects the joints causing pain, stiffness and swelling.

  • According to the CDC, arthritis affects 24% of all adults, or 58.5 million people.

Pain Areas

  • Fingers

  • Wrist

  • Elbow

  • Shoulder

  • Neck

AVAbottleweb 2.png

Competitor benchmark

Possible impovments

  • Light weight

  • Good thermal properties

  • Unique grip

  • Strap

  • Retractable straw

How to use

  1. Slide hand through strap

  2. Press button down to extend straw

  3. Once done drinking, push the straw

    back into the cap.


  • Polycarbonate (PC)

  • Silicone

  • Stainless Steel

  • Nylon Fabric

Manufacturing Processes

  • Injection molding

  • Cut piping and shape

  • Thread making

  • Combine and weld

  • vacuum sealing

  • electrolytic polishing

  • Assemble

Inclusive Water Bottle Website 7.jpg


Joint pain and stiffness can be one of the most annoying and persistent pains. It can be so persistent that people change their lifestyle to cater to their pain. This special-
ized water bottle is customized to meet the needs of arthritic individuals and aims to give back some of their freedom.

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